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Lionel A. Bouchon and Didier Grau, owners, editors and webmasters, wish to express their deep gratitude to the persons listed below in alphabetical order, for their kind editorial or iconographic contribution.

Thierry Borja

For his photographs of:

  1. Pascal Paoli's grave in his birthhouse
  2. Pascal Paoli's statue in Morosaglia

Eva-Elise Grau

For her photograph of Mount-Tabor, Lower Galilee

Floriane Grau

For her photographs of:

  1. the Rosetta stone, in London's British Museum
  2. Schönbrunn Palace, near Vienna
  3. Empress Maria-Luisa's grave, in Vienna
  4. the view from the Butte du Buisson-Coquin, on Craonne's battlefield
  5. Mont-Saint-Pierre, on Tinqueux heights near Reims, and its commemorative obelisk
  6. the Cathedral of Reims
  7. downtown Epernay

Marie-Albe Grau

For her photographs of:

  1. Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna
  2. Archduke Charles' equestrian statue, in front of the later
  3. Archduke Charles' grave, in the same city

Michèle Grau-Ghelardi

For her photographs of:

  1. the Cascina del Vescovo, near Mondovì
  2. the Virgen Blanca Square in Vitoria, with its commemorative monument of Wellington's victory
  3. the river Danube near Vienna
  4. the Peace Monument upon Pratzen [Prace] Heights
  5. the tower of Markgrafneusiedel, near Wagram
  6. the panoramic view of Montereau taken from Surville, and the plaque which honors the courage of the Emperor

Nicolas Guy

For his photographs of Moscow:

  1. the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed
  2. the Kremlin at night
  3. the Moskva River

Pierre-Henri Landrieau

For his photographs of the graves of Emperor Alexander I. and Marshal Kutuzov, in Saint Petersburg

Eric Le Maître

For the detailed service records of the marshals of the First French Empire:

  1. Alexandre Berthier
  2. Joachim Murat
  3. Bon Adrien Jannot de Moncey
  4. Jean-Baptiste Jourdan
  5. André Masséna
  6. Charles Pierre François Augereau
  7. Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte
  8. Jean de Dieu Soult
  9. Guillaume Marie-Anne Brune
  10. Jean Lannes
  11. Adolphe Édouard Casimir Joseph Mortier
  12. Michel Ney
  13. Louis-Nicolas Davout
  14. Jean Baptiste Bessières
  15. François Etienne Christophe Kellermann
  16. François Joseph Lefebvre
  17. Catherine-Dominique de Pérignon
  18. Jean-Mathieu Philibert Sérurier
  19. Claude Victor Perrin dit Victor
  20. Étienne Jacques Joseph Alexandre Macdonald
  21. Auguste Frédéric Louis Viesse de Marmont
  22. Nicolas Charles Oudinot
  23. Louis-Gabriel Suchet
  24. Laurent de Gouvion Saint-Cyr
  25. Józef Antoni Poniatowski
  26. Emmanuel de Grouchy

Eric Le Maître's website: www.bibliotheque-empire.com

Cyril Maillet

For his photographs of:

  1. the statues of Marshals and Generals of the Empire, Rue de Rivoli in Paris
  2. the Château de Malmaison at Rueil-Malmaison, near Paris
  3. the Battle of Laon's commemorative tablet

Cyril Maillet's blog:

Yves Maillet

For his photographs of the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

Marie-Christine Pénin

For her photographs of the following persons' graves:

  1. Joséphine de Beauharnais
  2. Hortense de Beauharnais
  3. Louis Bignon
  4. Pierre-Augustin Hulin
  5. Antoine Portal
  6. Claude-Ambroise Régnier

For her biographical sketches of the following personalities:

  1. François Antoine Boissy d'Anglas
  2. Jean-Anthelme Brillat de Savarin
  3. Antonin Carême
  4. Pierre-Augustin Hulin
  5. Louis Marie de La Révellière-Lépeaux
  6. Louis René Madeleine Levassor de La Touche, aka Latouche-Tréville
  7. Philippe Antoine Merlin, aka Merlin de Douai
  8. Pierre Riel de Beurnonville

Marie-Christine Pénin's website: www.tombes-sepultures.com

Xavier Riaud

For his biographical sketches of the following health professionals:

  1. Edme-Joachim Bourdois de La Motte
  2. Alexis Boyer
  3. Pierre Jean Georges Cabanis
  4. Jean-François Coste
  5. Nicolas Deyeux
  6. René-Nicolas Dufriche-Desgenettes
  7. André Marie Constant Duméril
  8. Antoine François Fourcroy
  9. Jean Noël Hallé
  10. Nicolas Heurteloup
  11. Louis-Vivant Lagneau
  12. Alexandre François Ollivier
  13. Antoine Augustin Parmentier
  14. Philippe Jean Pelletan
  15. Antoine Portal
  16. Jean Joseph Sue fils

Ugo Valfer

For his photographs of the following persons' graves:

  1. Félix and Elisa Baciocchi
  2. Charles James Fox
  3. John Moore
  4. Horatio Nelson
  5. Pascal Paoli (cenotaph in Westminster Abbey)
  6. Victor-Amadeus III of Sardinia
  7. Arthur Wellesley of Wellington
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