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Hudson Lowe

Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath

Arms of Hudson Lowe (1769-1844)

Hudson Lowe was born on June 28, 1769 at Galway, Ireland, the son of a military surgeon.

He himself became an officer and was promoted General after Napoleon's abdication in 1814.

After the Emperor's second abdication, Lowe became his jailer at St.Helena.

He left St.Helena after Napoleon's death, and later served in Ceylon from 1825 to 1830.

Sir Hudson Lowe died at Chelsea on January 10, 1844.

"Sir Hudson Lowe". Print of the nineteenth century.

"Sir Hudson Lowe". Print of the nineteenth century.

The Duke of Wellington said about Lowe: (he was a) very bad choice; he was a man wanting in education and judgement. He was a stupid man, he knew nothing at all of the world, and like all men who knew nothing of the world, he was suspicious and jealous...