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Karl Philipp fürst zu Schwarzenberg

Fürst zu Schwarzenberg

Arms of Karl Philipp zu Schwarzenberg (1771-1820)

Karl Philipp zu Schwarzenberg was born on April 15th (other sources say 18th or 19th), 1771 in Vienna [Wien], into a prestigious family of the high Austrian aristocracy.

As a Field Marshal, he fought in main battles such as Austerlitz in 1805 and Wagram in 1809.

In 1812 he participated in the French invasion of Russia, in 1813 in the Campaign in Germany and in 1814 in the Campaign in northeast France.

He died on October 15, 1820 and was buried in Orlik, Bohemia (nowadays in Czech Republic) in the heart of his family's old properties.

"Karl Philipp, fürst zu Schwarzenberg".

"Karl Philipp, fürst zu Schwarzenberg".

An equestrian statue of Karl Philipp zu Schwarzenberg Equestrian statue of Karl Philipp zu Schwarzenberg, work of Ernst Julius Hähnel, has honored his memory since 1867 on the square that bears his name in Vienna.