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Levin August von Bennigsen (1745-1826)

Count, Order of St. George of the First Degree, Order of St. Andrew, Order of St. Alexander Nevski

Arms of Levin August von Bennigsen (1745-1826)

Levin August von Bennigsen was born on February 10, 1745 in Brunswick, Electorate of Hanover.

He fought as General then Field Marshal of the Russian Army during Napoleonic Wars.

He died on October 3rd, 1826 in Banteln, Hanover.

"Count Levin August von Bennigsen", by George Dawe (St James's, Westminster 1781 - Kentish Town 1829).

"Count Levin August von Bennigsen", by George Dawe (St James

His son Alexander von Bennigsen (1809-1893) was later Prime Minister of the Electorate of Hanover.

Other portraits

Levin August von Bennigsen (1745-1826)
"Count Levin August von Bennigsen". Engraving by Salvator Cardelli (?-?).