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Charles de La Bédoyère (1786-1815)

Officer of the Légion d'honneur

Arms of Charles de La Bédoyère (1786-1815)

Charles Angélique François Huchet de la Bedoyere was born in Paris on April 17, 1786.

He commited very early in the military. In 1806 he was lieutenant. In 1807, he fought at Friedland.

In January 1808, La Bedoyere became aide-de-camp of Marshal Jean Lannes, and after Lanne's death, in June 1809, of Prince Eugene de Beauharnais. He followed him to Italy.

La Bedoyere participated in the Russian campaign in 1812, fighting at Moscow on September 7, at Malojaroslavets on October 24 and at the passage of the Berezina on November 26, 27 and 28.

In 1813, La Bedoyere participated in the Battle of Bautzen on May 20 and 21, then in the fight of Goldberg on August 23.

He defended Paris on March 30, 1814, and resigned after the first abdication of Napoleon. A little later, he accepted command of the 7th Regiment of the line, stationed at Chambery, Savoy.

When Napoleon returned from Elba, La Bedoyere was sent to stop the progress of the "usurper" but he fitted with his troops under the flag of the Emperor.

During the Hundred Days, he was appointed General, Peer of France and aide-de-camp to the Emperor. He fought at Ligny, Quatre Bras and finally Waterloo.

At the second restoration, he had to leave Paris but returned to bid farewell to his wife and son. He was arrested on August 2nd, 1815, brought before a court-martial on August 14th and sentenced to death.

He was shot on August 19, commanding himself the fire squad.

"Charles Angélique François Huchet de La Bédoyère". XIXth century miniature.

"Charles Angélique François Huchet de La Bédoyère". XIXth century miniature.

Charles de La Bédoyère rests for eternity in Père-Lachaise Cemetery, 16th division  Tomb of Charles de La Bédoyère.

Other portraits

Charles de La Bédoyère (1786-1815)
"Charles Angélique François Huchet de La Bédoyère", by Robert Lefèvre (Bayeux 1755 - Paris 1830).