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Battle of Hohenlinden

Date and place

  • December 3rd, 1800 around Hohenlinden, 34 kilometers east of Munich, Bavaria (Germany).

Involved forces

  • French army (53,795 men) under the command of General Jean Victor Marie Moreau. 
  • Austrian an Bavarian army (60,261 men) under the command of Archduke John of Austria (Johann Baptist Josef Fabian Sebastian von Österreich). 

Casualties and losses

  • French army: 2,500 soldiers killed or injured. 
  • Austrian an Bavarian army: 1,000 killed, 3,700 wounded, 9,000 prisoners, 76 cannons. 

Position of the troops

French General Jean Victor Marie Moreau installed his troops on a wooded plateau along the west-east road The road to Maitenbeth [48.14090, 12.05149] leading from Hohenlinden Hohenlinden [48.15739, 11.99657] to Maitenbeth Maitenbeth [48.14956, 12.09313] and Haag in Oberbayern, as well as to the north of it, between the Isen valley The river Isen near Lengdorf, view 1 The river Isen near Lengdorf, view 2 to the east and the road leading to Erding Erding, view 1 Erding, view 2 to the west.

The Archduke John of Austria blocked him in the direction of Vienna [Wien], which was located 370 kilometers further east.

Hohenlinden, general view
Hohenlinden, general view

The fight

The frontal attack of the Austrians, in terrible conditions (broken roads, muddy paths, snowstorms), failed. Caught between two fires, the Austrians ended up being pushed back into the forest Forest of Hohenlinden, view 1 Forest of Hohenlinden, view 2 Forest of Hohenlinden, view 3, then disbanded.

Neustockach, one kilometer south of Hohenlinden


This defeat, followed by the advance of Moreau's troops of some 300 kilometers over the following three weeks, led Austria to conclude an armistice at Steyr on December 25, 1800, then to sign the peace treaty of Lunéville on February 9, 1801.

Picture - "Battle of Hohenlinden, December 3, 1800". Painted 1836 by Henri Frédéric Schopin.

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