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The philately, as we know, did not exist in the time of Napoleon, since the first stamp in the world was put into circulation by the Post Office of the United Kingdom in 1840. France, meanwhile, will wait until 1849. The stamp "Ceres" of 20 cents, created by the sculptor Jean-Jacques Barre, will be issued under Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, President of the Second Republic.

The Napoleonic era, however, often instigated postal authorities, both French and foreign (even exotic ones), in issuing stamps commemorating events in its history, and honoring its actors.

The list below shows a number of these achievements. To complete it, do not hesitate to send us pictures of stamps you possess. We will use them with pleasure (reserving us the right to surround them by a frame), stating of course the copyright of the photo and adding, if you want it, a link to your own website.

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