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Grand Dignitaries and Ministers

Grand dignitaries

The Grand Dignitaries of the Empire were modelled after the electors of the Holy Roman Empire.

They were referred to as "Your Most Serene Highness" and were Princes of the Empire in name only because theirs was a purely honorary role. They occupied the third position in the imperial hierarchy after the Emperor (and the Empress) and the imperial family.

There were originally six Grand Dignitaries when the office was created in 1805. By 1807 there were eight and in 1809 there were nine.

Tableau général des grands dignitaires de l'Empire


Ministers occupied the fourth position in the imperial hierarchy after the Emperor and the Empress, the imperial family and the Grand Dignitaries.

Ministry of Police

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of External Relations

Ministry of War

Ministry of the Administration of War

Ministry of the Navy

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of the Treasury

Ministry of Public Worship

Minister of Commerce and Manufacturing

Secretariat of State