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List of burial places

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The key figures of the Napoleonic era live on in the documents that survive today and are often used by historians: narratives and publications from the period; memoirs and other anecdotes; paintings, engravings and lithographs depicting them; statues and other monuments erected in their honour; personal objects; decorations or arms they were granted...

They can also "speak" to some of us through the emotions we feel in front of their tombs... We are taphophiles (cemetery enthusiasts).

The list below gives the burial places of those figures with a biographical profile on Napoleon & Empire. When a photo is available, clicking   will display the image. If an image is not available, please do not hesitate to send us your own photos. We would be very happy to post them (although we may need to reformat the images and add a border) with the appropriate Copyright and, if you wish, a link to your own site.

For some of the historical figures, we were unable to find information regarding their place of burial (indicated by     0   ). Again, any information would be greatly appreciated.